Official videoclip from the forthcoming album, ‘Retropsettiva: 2004 – 2010’. A compilation of their back catalogue, three tracks from each of the four albums and the first edition will include an unreleased remix. The album is expected sometime in April 2014.

1 Operazione PM10
2 Pure Ice
3 Emotional Frequencies
4 Picture Hall
5 Asimmetrie
6 Window Sill
7 United
8 Acrobazie Elettriche
9 Alexander Strasse
10 Teknicolor
11 Off and On
12 Stunning Art
13 Fuochi Fatui (ambient mix)
Bonus track:
14 Emotional Frequencies (club mix)

Tracks 1,2,3 taken from “Weather Station early works” album
Tracks 4,5,6,7 taken from “Fantasia Meccanica” album
Tracks 8,9,10 taken from “Punto Luce” album
Tracks 11.12,13 taken from “Novecento” album


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