Anacrusis 450_450


Catalogue number: PM13
Format: LP
Edition: 300

After some delays at the pressers the LP is now available for purchase! We apologise for the delay and wish our customers a very happy New Year!

Peripheral Minimal is proud to announce the forthcoming, Paradox Obscur album. ‘Anacrusis‘ – now available for pre-order. This is their second album and their first on a full-length LP.

Anacrusis‘ is a massive dark monument full of analog tendencies to conquer the dancefloor… an album of complex Coldwave and Minimal Synth. Rapidly becoming a cult act, this album will surely become a classic of it’s genre, and will hopefully please new and current fans of the band. Another milestone for Rhodes’ finest.

Paradox Obscur use only hardware synthesizers and everything is performed and recorded in real time without the use of software.

The LP will be limited to 300 copies.


Side A:

2. Flesh
3. Burn
4. Blackened Rite
5. Shadows

Side B:

1. Deconstruction
2. Hot Steel
3. Shock
4. Coal And Dust
5. Spectral Isis


The Greek Paradox Obscur released its second LP Anacrusis, which contains 10 songs that can be labelled as minimal synth. This duo is formed by Toxic Razor (synths and drum machines) and female singer Kriistal Ann, the artist name of Anna Michailidou.

They are proud to make exclusive use of analogue electronics and drum machines for their typical dark, sometimes depressing sounds. The comparisons with their Greek countrymen Selofan or Human Puppets is indeed obvious, because they both share the unique sound that is somewhere between cold wave and minimal synth.

The opener of this album is Drone. The rhythmic and dark analogue sounds with the deep bass and the special voice of Anna immediately give us a good example of what we can expected on this album. More spooky texts and pure electronic sounds are heard in Flesh and Burn, dark horror sounds combined with cold rhythms that make your ears shiver of fear.

Shadows has a higher tempo, and that is beneficial. Faster and even danceable beats, complemented with the necessary electronic percussion are used in Shock: a song with a very catchy chorus that would fit perfectly on the playlist of a party at some dark underground club. Deconstruction offers us more raw analogue synth beats from the 80s, the comparison with the Neue Deutsche Welle is a fact. This LP is a gem for the admirers of this genre, but the average music lover may find this too much of the same……/paradox-obscur-anacrus…/

Available here;


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