OUT NOW! Doric ‘Sleep Of Reason’ 10″

DoricPM17_Front covermini


PM17 Doric ‘Sleep Of Reason’ 10″

Peripheral Minimal is welcoming Doric to their quarters.

Doric is the moniker of the purist, Stathis Leontiadis (Human Puppets, Exetix, Plexiglas). Being involved in various avant garde/new wave music projects since 1996, intrigued by the ‘all’ analogue mentality of the late ’70s – early ’80s music field, he is passionatelly commited to vintage synths and machines, creating a very distinctive and specific style and considered by many as a “specialist”.

On this release,the main subject of the record is creative interplay. The first side (the “Asleep”side), includes songs, written by the artist alone, using sleep as a metaphor of loneliness and seclusion from the oppressive, everyday society that smothers anything unique under the struggle of daily routine. However, on the second side, Doric mutes his skeptic, internal monologue for a bit and collaborates with two very talented and like-minded artists, Pascal and Valisia Odell. Pascal(Foucault, Noisetoy, Ludmilla) is an ingenius multi-instrumentalist and an old friend of Doric andValisia Odell (Phoenix Catscratch, Strawberry Pills, Father Breath) is one of the most charismatic voices in Greece, with a very distinctive and enchanting vocal hue.This friendship results to the second side (the “Awaken” side), a critical view of what our society translates into artistic and life success in general. A simplified formula that often leads to bury our most creditable truths, in order to become a pattern, easily readable and understandable by the masses.The overall essence of this record however concludes to a rather optimistic dream of a utopian reality,where everyone can create unobscured. The value of each effort can only be appreciated through time.

Limited to 300, black copies with the distinctive “Doric” handmade artwork,a homage to the D.I.Y. Ethos, an infusion from the past but a promise of a future.



Another release we’ve been finding ourselves smitten with of late are the doric cuts featured on an essential 10 inch set heading out of Bristol’s peripheral minimal. The set entitled ‘sleep of reason’ features six tracks of sublime vintage thawed from a cold wave age, only 300 of these babies, which if there were any justice in this land would be guaranteed to fly off the presses in nanoseconds. A release that ought principally, to appeal to those of you, much adoring of the bleakly opaque cold war / wave signature sounds of the late 70’s and 80’s, much like those say venturing out of the polytechnic youth and weird imprint sound houses, we here finding ourselves much taken by ‘poets land’ – a collaboration with Valisia Odell – that flies, as were, into the very heart of Foxx’s icily dystopian ‘metamatic’ to find itself cast among a high tension wiring panic stricken landscape of senses heightening siren hums and paranoiac frostiness and isolationism. ‘sleep of reason’ on the other hand is pure classic era groove teasingly extrapolated from lost moments of a youthful Some Bizarre / Mute back catalogue, a distress echo from a forgotten age daubed in an edgy shadow gouged backdrop of a future gazing post war post punk European landscapes graved in detachment. – https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Available here




Over Mentality LP – Fabrika Records (available here: http://www.peripherlminimal.co.uk)

Doric 7″ – Fabrika Records

So Far, So Near 10″ – Domestica



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