New review of Oppenheimer MKII’s 7″ single, ‘Another Nightmare.

Many thanks to the Peripheral Minimal team of Bristol (whose frankly killer Doric release we mentioned a little while back) for getting in touch and sending over downloads for a further brace of outings currently to be found gracing their enviable roster. Now we’ll be featuring im namen des volkes later in the week, for now though our ears were a little pricked to the sounds emanating from a 300 only insert stuff 7 inch from Oppenheimer MkII –  a long term collaborative face off pairing the talents of one time Oppenheimer Analysis man Andy Oppenheimer and former Konstructivists-er Mahk Rumbae. An album and EP under their collective belts both sides of this limited 7 feature remodelled cuts from their debuting ‘the presence of the Abnormal’ full length from 2013 with ‘another nightmare’ assuming a head morphing psychotronic grind whose shadow lined mesmeric gouging burrows deep into the Front 242 hive consciousnessness as though piloted by the dark alter ego of a fracturing and psychosis fried Edward Ka-Spel. Over on the flip the brooding ice dripped isolationist chill of the edgily macabre ‘the presence of the abnormal’ lurks, not unlike something you’d expect to find emerging from the much missed of late Weird imprint where the sparsely toned cold war minimalism of the normal and fad gadget collide under the watchful glare of psych alchemist Paul Roland, all said something that ought to prick the ears of admirers of the polytechnic youth endorced Middex.



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