New review of “PM15 PHILIPPE LAURENT Phoenix 12”!

New review of ‘Phoenix’ by Philippe Laurent on Boomkat! 12″ now available from:
French Minimal Wave survivor Philippe Laurent flies high on the Bristol-based Peripheral Minimal with a pair of handsome synth-pop and EBM tunes, plus an unreleased 13-minute goodie from 1982!
Dead smart from whatever angle you view it, the EP turns from sweetly haunting synth-pop sung in languorous Chason style on Phoenix, then with funkier, Kraftwerkian sort of drama elaborated in Agapao.
Doubtless the highlight is his formerly unreleased B-side, Exposition 4, a wiry 13 minute workout dancing on spiky drum machines and unfolding thru myriad permutations of sequencer patterns to sound quite unlike, and longer, than most other gear from this period. The length and arrangement is really closer to a much later psychedelic techno track or something.

Photo by Philippe Laurent.

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