Peripheral Minimal is proud to announce, ‘Beta Evers / Spatial Relation‘, a six-track 12” E.P., that also features, Heinrich Mueller of Dopplereffekt. The six tracks contain the coldest of minimal synth and technoid darkness, underpinned by a melancholic sentiment. This is the third release by Spatial Relation on Peripheral Minimal, and the first by Beta Evers.

Brigitte Enzler aka Beta Evers, grew up with the New Wave and experimental electronics scenes in the late 70’s and early 80’s. In her teenage years she founded a girl-band and started her first record label at the age of 16, to independently release and distribute the music of her project. During the early 90’s Brigitte started to arrange gatherings / parties, (electronic music) for local underground clubs in her home city of AugsburgGermany.

In the year 2000 she founded the electro collective Kommando 6, and in 2001 she decided to run a label again, under the same name, Kommando 6. Finally, in the same year, she started to compose and produce her own tracks independently. Besides her solo-project, Brigitte collaborates in a side-project with Dystronic called, Black Spider Clan, which began life in2002. Furthermore she is involved in, Flying Bodies and Radikale Analog Fraktion. In 2006 she closed the Kommando 6 label after it had released 20 records. More recently she started 2 new labels called Bodyvolt and Venus Noir.

Married New York based couple, Lissette and Jacob Schoenly founded Spatial Relation several years ago, and have sporadically released classic technoid synthwave / minimal wave, akin to fellow US act, ‘Adult‘ who are also a major influence. Their first full length LP has been critically acclaimed, and the three tracks herein continue their twisted electro sounds.

The 12” is limited to 300 copies, with artwork by Greek designer Alon. It was mastered by Martin Bowes @ The CageCoventryEngland.


Brigitte Enzler, aka Beta Evers, hardly needs any introduction. Either by herself or with some of her projects, including Black Spider Clan, or even through her (now defunct) label Kommando 6, she has amassed an impressive body of work. After last year’s outstanding LP “Delusion”, released by Daft Records, Beta Evers is back with this 12″ EP, a split between herself and New York duo Spatial Relation, the musical vehicle of married couple Lissette and Jacob Schoenly. The EP is released on the Bristolian label Peripheral Minimal.

The three tracks on the Beta Evers side sound like a continuation of the “Delusion” LP, like a way of showing us the full range of her abilities and where she’s going next. It starts with the relatively catchy synthpop of “Hiding”, only to get darker and more atmospheric on the second track, the mid-tempo dirge “Soundtrack For A Tomorrow”, with amazing vocals and eerie synth harmonies. The side ends with the even gloomier “Innerhalb Der Zeit”, a beat-less piece of hazy and slightly disturbing music, featuring Heinrich Müller from Dopplereffekt and sang by Brigitte, completely in German.

Side B is definitely more up tempo, and possibly more upbeat as well. Spatial Relation is an electro duo that seems to have picked up from where ADULT. left off after “Anxiety Always”, or even before that, in their earlier EPs and singles. The sparse 606 electro beats, the heavily echoed I-don’t-give-a-single-fuck female vocals, and the overall production gives it a distinctive 2002-ish, even Electroclash-y feel, which is actually pretty enjoyable, and sits quite well as the more light-hearted cousin of Beta Evers’ synth gloom. All in all the EP sounds cohesive, a great addition to the catalogue of this relatively new but really interesting label.

– Peek-A-Boo

“Less is more” in every detail of this release – from graphic artwork to the cover, to cost-effective melancholy content synthesizers (with the greater melancholy depths traditionally placed on the Beta Evers side). The whole of the album is coherent, although the musicians are different (albeit in a similarly similar way) styling within one genre – the synthesized variety of cold wave, minimal wave.

All songs from this album I recommend to listen repeatedly.”

– Wavepress

Available here;


Bandcamp: www.peripheralminimal.bandcamp.comBE_SR Sleeve


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